Double-Bubbler® model DB-3

Double-Bubbler® model DB-3   for use with Water Electrolyzer for H2 or O2 flow indication, scrubbing of caustic residuals in gas from alkaline electrolyzer, and reverse water/electrolyte flow prevention at night, when solar photo-voltaic power is used to power electrolyzer. Also functions as reverse-flow gas leak detector when there is no gas production. Holds water in clear see-through Acrylic tubes.

Maximum pressure rating: 4 bar gauge [58 psig]. Max.temp 52 C[125 F]. Min.temp 1deg.C [34 deg.F] with H2O scrub. Rated for up to 1 Normal Cubic Meter [35.5 scf] gas production/day.

Normally, two of these DB-3 units are used to make a complete electrolyzer system, one for H
2 and one for O2. For outdoor use only.

Assembled and tested DB-3... $455
DB-3 Parts kit $380 +$15 (S/H)=$395

Plans and parts list for making your own DB-3. $35  +  $3 Shipping/Handling=$38

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