Purification Train
2)For purifying Hydrogen
2)For purifying Oxygen
A Purification Train for Use with Water Electrolyzer. For purifying water electrolyzer H2 or O2 product prior to storage/use.

Consists of two stainless water coalescers, two brass flashback arrestors, one catalytic recombiner [converts H
2 contaminant in O2,or O2 contaminant in H2, back into water], two stainless water purge/drain valves for coalescers, two stainless pressure gauges,
and stainless interconnecting fittings.

Components are mounted on stainless plate for easy system integration. For outdoor use only.

Maximum pressure rating: 4 bar gauge [58 psig].
Rated for up to 1 Normal cubic meter [35.5 scf] gas production/day. Min. temp=1 deg.C.

Normally, two of these units are used to make a complete water electrolyzer purification system, one for H
2 and one for O2.

*Note* The product from the oxygen purifier(PT-4-O2) is not suitable for life support or breathing use.

$2,500. plus shipping and handling

Plans and parts list for making your own Purification unit.......$25 + $3 Shipping and Handling=$28

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Hydrogen Purifier
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Oxygen Purifier
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